For the Shoe Lovers

A common misconception about bargain shopping is that bargain shopping is for poor people. Wrong! bargain shopping is for smart people! That being said, the smartest shoe-loving people go to DSW – the Designer Shoe Warehouse, to buy shoes.

Whether you are male or female, the selection at DSW is out of this world. Walking in the store you will see an immense collection of shoes for any style, age or preference. They are sure to put on display the seasons hottest trends as well as a very neat and put together store. There is no hassle of asking the employees to get you a size 8, if they have it in your size you can get it yourself!

Ever since 2009 when I first walked in to a DSW in Daly City, CA I have been religiously going back ever since. The deals you find on shoes, purses, wallets, leggings, hats, and gloves are out of this world. My first move when walking through the doors is to go straight for the Clearance section. Plenty of times I have found shoes on clearance that are still on the floor marked at a higher price! I suggest this also because of the wide range of items you can find all within your size.

The shoes on clearance also have added deals! Depending on the color of the sticker on the shoes you can get between 30%-70% off the additional marked down price. They provide a breakdown for those of us who can’t do the math in our heads due to all the great shoes you see around you.

DSW’s mission statement reads: “Our core focus is to create a distinctive shopping experience that satisfies both the rational and emotional shopping needs of our DSW customers by offering them a vast, exciting assortment of in-season styles combined with the convenience and value they desire.”

This statement is a great representation of what they truly do offer, but what they also offer is a great return policy. I have had many instances in which I bought a pair of shoes and whether worn or not was able to return them hassle free! The customer service and great employees are also what keeps me coming back to this store.

Of the many, many, many shoes I  have purchased I can say that some of the best deals I have received are thanks to the certificates they send you in the mail. These coupons come in the mail when you are a DSW rewards member. This great membership is another big plus of this store because you get a deal, on top of a deal, on top of even more of a deal!

These rewards are always kept on file so even if you misplace them they will redeem them for you without a problem. You can also accumulate them, so you can use one, two or however many offers your have on one single purchase.

My favorite part about this store is when they tell you how much you have saved when you are at the paying at the register. The fact that you are able to see how much you would be paying and how much you are saving is a good thing to know!

After all the bargain shopping I have done I can honestly say that I have never saved $400 on shoes. This is my actual receipt so you can imagine my excitement when seeing this! So for those of you who have never been, Google your nearest DSW and see just how much you can save!


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