Lots of Love for Big Lots!

Maybe it’s the distinctive shopping experience. Or the exclusive and fluctuating mix of brand-name merchandise. Or perhaps it’s just the adventure of the treasure hunt.

But one thing is for sure- once you experience what it’s like to shop at Big Lots, you’ll never look at traditional retail items the same way ever again!

This place offers everything! From everyday consumables and housewares to toys and seasonal decorations, Big Lots carries amazing brand name products that many other stores simply cannot compete with.

Big Lots is one of the United States’ largest closeout retailers with the buying power to find and negotiate some of the best deals around. With that, they are able to offer us consumers unbeatable bargains, with something new and different to find every time you walk through the door.

When I first heard of this “Big Lots” place I thought to myself what the heck is a closeout retailer?

Closeouts offer the same first-quality, brand name products found at other retail stores, just at lower prices. Typically they buy closeout merchandise from manufacturers who want to reduce inventory due to package changes, canceled orders, product discontinuation etc. In the end, we are the ones who reap the benefit of being able to buy things we need and use for a great bargain.

Lucky for us, there is a Big Lots in our lovely city of San Francisco, which is one that I have been going to for awhile now. Some Big Lots stores do offer furniture, the one we have here in San Francisco is very limited when it comes to furniture, but once in a while you may get lucky!

The experience I have going to Big Lots is one that I have enjoyed over the years. I have found things from lamp/bookshelves to picture frames, from bathroom curtains to comforter sets. All these great items were less than full price making me feel even better when I approach the cash register. I have bought brand name snacks, cleaning supplies, juices and batteries so its safe to say the variety is definitely worth the browse!

All kinds of people shop at Big Lots. They range from budget shoppers to deal hunters. Budget shoppers are people who look for the lowest price, no matter what brand. Discount shoppers who hunt for bargains and select brand names. And deal hunters who are the most passionate group, shop for the fun and excitement of finding a great bargain.

I would consider myself to be a hybrid of discount shopper and deal hunter. Because of the excitement I get from searching and finding the brand name hidden treasures it makes me the ideal deal hunter. Knowing that I got a brand name item for less than full price brings me an even greater joy and that’s why I love to share my secrets.

Big Lots is certainly a place to check up on every so often because of the things you can find. They do carry things on a regular basis such as toiletries, snacks, cereals and housewares but the inventory is limited and unique every time. That being said, I think all of you reading my blog should look up your nearest Big Lots and start your treasure hunt as soon as you can!


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