Second Hand Galore

We all love to get a good deal. We all love knowing that we got something for less than full price. The best places to get a great deal are Second Hand stores in the Bay Area. Nothing brings me better joy as a shopper getting that additional discount here and there. When I go to all my regular second hand places such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Crossroads I can honestly say that it has been a joy each and every time I get to the receipt and see how much I spent.

Some people don’t even pay attention to the price tags, but those people wear them once or twice and donate them to Second Hand stores to be a hidden treasure to someone else. Second hand stores are one of my more time consuming places to shop, but amongst all the mayhem are some really neat vintage pieces that will be sure to draw some attention to you.

I have found jackets, boots, and lots of clothes for work that are one of a kind pieces that not a single person has. I love wearing a unique piece of clothing for two reasons; one being that I know I got a great deal on it and two, people can’t possibly go buy one like it. I know that when someone asks you where you got your outfit chances are they might go out and try and get one similar, but by shopping at discounted or second hand stores you minimize that chance.

My favorite second hand stores are the usually Goodwill and Salvation Army, in Burlingame and San Francisco. The best finds I have found were in Burlingame to be honest, so if you are interested in second hand shopping I would recommend taking the journey down there. Also Crossroads in San Francisco there are many stores and locations to choose from.

Crossroads is a great place to buy, but I would not give them 5 out of 5 stars on their buy back prices. Their prices are not what you would expect in comparison to what you bought them for. To some people its better than nothing, but to me there are some items I know are worth more on EBay. So all in all I would highly recommend if you are in the area and have some time to shop around. Second hand stores, or thrift stores are great places engulfed with hidden treasures.

As a child my grandmother would make me take walks with her up and down Valencia Street in San Francisco and would stop inside all the second hand stores. As a child I didn’t understand, I thought those stores were made for poor people and those who didn’t have much money to buy new things. But this is so far from the truth I wish I had taken more advantage at a young age; I probably would have found some great things having an open mind! Now that I am older I put aside all the stereotypes and misconceptions so now second hand stores are some of my favorite places to go!


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