Amelia’s Antics

Strapped for cash? Tired of the tedious, inefficient task of cleaning out your closet? Take a drive to Millbrae and visit Amelia’s Antics and sell your slightly used goods on consignment!

Amelia’s Antic’s, located in Millbrae, CA., is a fashion consignment shop designed to help recycle those fashion items you no longer wear and sell them for some money back.

My first time walking into the shop my eyes were fixated on a Juicy Couture handbag I saw on the window display. Not knowing what this place was I walked in and to my surprise I felt like I had just found a Bay Area Hidden Treasure!

Any fashion good that is within two years or less of the current fashion period are what you will find at Amelia’s Antics. Anyone looking for a good deal on a brand name item, this is the place to go.

Frequent brands that you will find in this boutique are: Banana Republic, INC., Chico, Ann Taylor, Morning Glory, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Coach handbags.

The shop is designed to provide people with costly fashion items for less than they would regularly pay. You will find anything from shoes to scarves – anything you can wear, it’s there.

 As well as shopping at Amelia’s, I decided to experiment selling my clothes and purses. 4 out of 5 of the items I brought were sold within the first 2 weeks! I made about $100 on items I was ready to give away and also had the option of store credit. So that Juicy Couture bag I saw on the window was mine for $50 and I still had money to spare!

Although it is not what you paid for full price, you are able to make 40% on the resale price of your items. But lets be honest, something is better than nothing! The store employees are extremely nice and help you understand what they are looking for so that you know what type of items to bring.

5 items are accepted every Tuesday thru Thursday, between the hours of 4:00-7:00p.m. The first and third Friday of each month you can drop off goodies all day and they will contact you through email.

Either way you look at it you have nothing to lose in coming to this shop. You can get rid of some things collecting dust and/or find a great deal on something you would normally not be able to afford. When you sell you items on consignment, it gives you -the original owner – some money back and the piece of mind that the item has gone into grateful hands.

Unfortunately for the guys reading my blog, Amelia’s Antics is geared towards women only. But they do offer some great finds and gifts for the special women in your life!

This place will captivate and delight, so long as you are open to slightly used items, you will surely find something that will catch your eye and have you coming back for more.