Lovely Loehmann’s


For those of you women out there who love high fashion clothing –the type you see in runway fashion – Loehmann’s is where it’s at. Their prices range from 30%-65% off department stores on a daily basis. No waiting for the sticker Clearance time of year, or some promotional discounts, they offer those everyday low prices year round!

So many of my girlfriends have experienced the right of passage -that is my introducing Loehmann’s to them. Unbelievable brand clothing at drastically discounted prices is what gets most of us. They carry such a wide range of styles and brands we always find ourselves walking out with super unique and stylish pieces. Not only does Loehmann’s have the best couture labels – Gaultier, Costume National, Valentino, Moschino, Missoni, etc. – it has the best designer jeans as well, such as Seven for all Mankind, Paige Premium, J Brand and Acne.

If you like looking like a million bucks and enjoy wearing unique clothes, not something everyone has already seen at Bloomingdales, Macy’s or Nordstrom’s (and you know exactly how much it costs), then Loehmann’s is the just the spot for you. You will find lots of people asking you “Where did you get that?!” and complimenting you along the way. If you wish to divulge your secret and you tell them how much and where you got it, I guarantee they will be enticed to go see for themselves!

From all my bargain shopping experience the best way to describe Loehmann’s is that it’s a step up from TJ Maxx in terms of what designers they carry, but not necessarily in pricing. Each Loehmann’s location is different so it’s important to do your own research and find out the best one for you. You also have to make sure to dedicate at least an hour to find your hidden treasure, because like any good treasure it is never easy to find.

Because of my love for a good deal, you can find me squealing over $60 Paige Jeans, $50 Theory suits, $40 Ella Moss dresses, Tom Ford sunglasses and their enormous shoe selection has me coming back for more. Leaving the store knowing I got a great deal for what I am buying is one of my most elated feelings.

Lucky for us bargain shoppers out there, this store is commonly known and widely accessible. There are 40 stores in 11 states and that’s not including their online store. Tailor made fashion for women’s sportswear, shoes, handbags and more! And for the fellas out there, don’t worry you will find yourselves picking up a few designer dress shirts, wincing at the price tags you will be greatly surprised too!

Change and variety is what us consumers want. You want to walk into a store every other week and find new deals and new fashions without hassle. Discovering new items at Loehman’s is not difficult and from my own experience, you are more likely to get a one-of-a-kind item versus showing up to the ball with someone in your same dress!

My favorite part about this store is the “Back Room.” For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is the area where you can find special collections from leading designers such as

Unlike department stores or fashion retailers, Loehmann’s selection is always changing so there’s something new to discover every day. Our legendary Back Room, renowned for its special collection from the world’s leading designers, has been the favorite fashion destination for generations of stylish women. It’s the place where every day is an opportunity to find a unique fashion gem by one of the world’s most coveted designers at a reduced price.

Now as we know in order for stores to keep track of us, and how much we buy Loehmann’s offers a membership. From my own personal experience, becoming a Loehmann’s member has its perks, like the exclusive entry to the “Back Room” I mentioned earlier and other great deals and discounts where you’ll save up to 65% on top designs from the world’s most celebrated designers

One thing about this store that I see as something special is how long they have been around. Since 1921, Loehmann’s has been filling the closets of smart, fashion conscious shoppers who insist on the latest designer fashion, shoes, and accessories… at a great deal. Start shopping now, or become a member for exclusive access to the Back Room. Expect the unexpected at Loehmann’s!